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Accelerated App Development

Watkyn’s Rapid Application Development (RAD) service means using your custom app right away. Need a quick solution? We can build software that streamlines operations in just one week with our express engagement! Our agile methodology lets us start immediately and demonstrate our work to you every week during development. You’ll get to see your app come to life, and with our collaborative engagement process, you’ll have the option to expand your skills into no-code development. As an established QuickBase partner, you can trust that we’ll advise you on the best solution that will meet your budget and needs.

Express Application Development (One week or less)

If you need a custom app you can start using immediately, our express engagement is the fastest way to achieve that. With this kind of engagement, we clear our calendar and give you all our time and attention for whole days, starting tomorrow or a day we both agree upon, for a flat daily fee. We will work closely with you for a solid 10 hours each day to take your app from idea to reality as quickly as humanly possible.

We can only offer this kind of engagement to select clients under certain conditions. We ourselves need to be available and able to clear our calendar. You need to be able to do the same so you can spend most or all of your day working closely with us. When possible, this is the best approach if you have an acute need or a critical problem you need solved right away.

Believe it or not, many Quickbase applications can be built completely in just one or two days of concentrated effort. The vast majority of apps take one week or less to complete if enough focused attention can be given.


In most cases, we build Quickbase apps following an agile methodology that lets us start quickly and demonstrate our work to you every week during development. This offers some important benefits:


A collaborative application development engagement is best if you want to learn how to build Quickbase apps yourself or if you plan to take over maintenance and additional development of the app after we finish the initial build. If you’re a process champion in your organization, have an interest in programming, or are the local Excel formula or macro guru, then this would also be a good opportunity for you to expand your skills into no-code development.

A collaborative engagement takes somewhat longer than a rapid engagement but gives you guided practice and hands-on experience building Quickbase tables, relationships, and formulas. We’ll spend some time every week working together sharing screens. In most cases, we’ll also do some work independently of each other in between sessions.

At the end of the project, you’ll not only have an app that you love to use, tailor-made to your exact requirements, but you’ll also know how to use it and how to add new features.

Is Quickbase Right for Me?

Maybe you’re considering Quickbase but aren’t sure if it’s really what you need. Call us or schedule a meeting to explain your business process and needs to us, and we can advise you whether Quickbase would, or would not, be an appropriate solution for you. We’ll give you the reasons and help you compare alternatives. And if another solution would better meet your needs or budget, we can make a recommendation.

This consultation is completely free, so call us today!

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