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Comprehensive Management for the Solar Industry

The Solar Power Opportunity

Public and private investment in renewable energy has never been higher–or a higher priority. Wise investors know that all the headlines and enthusiasm won’t matter, however, if a company doesn’t have a solid business plan and the right tools to turn that promise into profits. Solar ERP software is essential for ensuring the success of your solar energy business by streamlining operations and improving efficiency.

The Dev/Hold ERP System

Experience Counts

Watkyn is proud to have helped Dev & Hold ERP Systems build enterprise resource planning (ERP) software specifically designed for the solar industry. Dev & Hold CEO Jeffry Peterson poured his years of C-suite experience in the industry into the design of a system that can guide industry newcomers and veterans through all the steps that make the solar power industry both challenging and rewarding.

User-Friendly, Customizable Software

Our solar ERP solution is built in Quickbase, a cloud-based, no-code platform with an intuitive user interface and a powerful database. Those new to the industry can use our intuitive ERP software just as it comes, while those who are more experienced can put their individual stamp on it through the rich customization features that come with Quickbase. And if you need help, Watkyn, a longtime Quickbase partner, is ready to step in.

Solar ERP Software Solutions

Imagine a construction management firm that doesn’t just build high-rise apartment buildings, but owns and operates those buildings for decades. That’s the develop and hold solar industry. As a result, a dev/hold company has to be able to manage both the operational side of the industry–building and maintaining large solar farms–and the complex finances of a business with a 40-year budgeting and projections cycle. The Dev/Hold ERP solution has everything you need to handle both.

Dynamic Scheduling and Cost Tracking

Each time you choose a new site, the Dev/Hold ERP creates a list of tasks and milestones to guide you from the first stages of development through initial production and beyond. As your plans unfold, it tracks your progress with attractive Gantt charts and monitors costs each step of the way. Change the plan in one place and everything else adjusts and recalculates to give your renewable energy business an accurate real-time picture of your progress and keep every division of your company working together.

Purchasing and Inventory Management with Tracking

Throughout the development process, you need to know what you have ordered and where it is. Managing supplier relationships and business processes is made easy with the Dev/Hold ERP system. Our solar ERP software connects the tasks of the first module to the equipment and other materials you need to carry them out. The purchasing and inventory tracking module also interfaces with your accounting software, saving your finance team time and ensuring it has complete and accurate records and purchase orders. Efficient inventory control is critical for maintaining optimal inventory levels and avoiding shortages or excess.

Financial Management

The next module of the Dev/Hold ERP guides you through the complex process of financing your projects in every phase as you pass from development loans to tax equity bridge loans and construction loans and then on to tax equity investment and leverage loans. This financial management feature helps you secure the necessary funding and manage cash flow effectively.

Data Management and Communication

Dev/Hold ERP keeps track of each critical document you create and receive and, with Quickbase’s granular permissions settings, makes sure that the right people get the right documents–and nothing more–without the need to send emails from outside the software. Proper document management is essential for maintaining compliance and ensuring smooth communication within your solar energy company.


Let your powerful database provide the numbers you need to attract investors and track your profitability. Dev/Hold ERP produces synchronized short-term and long-term cash forecasts that can be studied down to the individual project task level. Accurate forecasting is key for making informed decision-making and driving revenue generation.

Project Management

Effective project management is at the heart of any successful solar energy business. The Dev/Hold ERP includes comprehensive project management tools to plan, execute, and monitor projects from start to finish, ensuring timely completion and optimal resource utilization.

Human Resource Management

Managing your workforce efficiently is crucial for the success of your solar business. The Dev/Hold ERP offers robust human resource management features, including employee records, payroll, performance tracking, and more, to keep your team productive and satisfied.

The Next Steps for Your Solar Energy Business

If you want to learn more, you will find extensive information on the Dev/Hold ERP system website. From there, you can request a demo and see the software in action. And when you are ready to customize your software, Watkyn will be ready to help!

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