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Since 2022, Watkyn has been a Caspio partner, eager to help clients create or improve the no-code custom application they need to make their business more productive and profitable. Caspio specializes in supporting small businesses with apps that provide critical data to decision-makers in a clean, intuitive interface that can be tailored to your business’s look and feel.

Custom Application Development Company | Business Software

Create Custom Business Solutions Quickly

The world of no-code/low-code custom app development includes a number of platforms, like Caspio, that allow you to create custom business solutions quickly. How do you know which one is right for you? One key differentiator is the platform’s pricing model.

No-Code Pricing: The Caspio Difference

Not a Typical No-Code Platform

Like most online software solutions and platforms, Quickbase primarily charges by the user, with a minimum of twenty users at the lowest tier. For that price, businesses can build numerous custom applications to manage complex workflows. This makes Quickbase an ideal platform for many large and medium-sized clients in industries like manufacturing, construction, education, and government. You can read more about where Quickbase shines here and find out more about our Quickbase services here.

Custom Pricing for Professional Service Firms

Caspio, however, bases its pricing on the complexity of the app, rather than the number of users, by counting what it calls data pages–the forms, reports, charts, and graphs that allow users to review, input, and analyze data. This makes it ideal for businesses that offer professional services, like law offices, medical practices, accounting firms, and marketing companies, and want to allow clients to have visibility on the progress of their work without having to pay extra fees for a large number of infrequent users. 

Popular Caspio Use Cases

The app templates most commonly downloaded from the Caspio marketplace are a good indicator of popular Caspio use cases:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Support Ticketing System
  • Patient Portal 
  • Appointment Scheduling 
  • Project Management 

As you can see, Caspio excels in helping you connect with and serve your customers or clients.

Extend Your Trial with our Caspio Template App

Watkyn has created a Starter Project Management app that is now available in the Caspio Marketplace. Our goal was to create an app that allows a business to give Caspio an extended trial at a low price while providing real value through an efficiently-designed, attractive starter application.

Custom Application Development Company | Business Software

Save on Costs with Watkyn’s Project Management Starter App

At standard Caspio prices, the Professional plan costs six times as much as the Starter plan and includes five times as many data pages (100 v. 20), plus other advanced features. While staying within the 20 data page Starter plan limit (and utilizing one add-on feature), Watkyn’s Project Management Starter app provides critical, actionable information to managers, team members, and clients alike.

Admin User Features

  • Add new users and create and assign new projects;
  • Track the progress of projects, add purchase orders, and monitor billable and payable hours for each project;
  • Review charts that summarize the firm’s monthly gross profit, revenue, and labor costs and the billable hours by each team member;
  • Review and approve the time records submitted by team members.

Team Member Features

  • Update profile and monitor monthly earnings;
  • Track the progress of assigned projects and receive new projects;
  • Add new time records to log billable/payable hours.

Client Features

  • Monitor the progress of projects and track one’s bill.
Custom Application Development Company | Business Software

Trust Watkyn to Build or Improve Your Caspio App

Watkyn is ready to help you build or improve your Caspio application. Whether you want to create your custom app from our pre-built template (or a different one in the Caspio Marketplace) or have a vision for something entirely different, we’re eager to help you achieve the improved efficiency and profitability that comes from a well-designed Caspio application. 

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