Phillip Dennis came across Quickbase in 2015 when he was working in finance for a public relations agency in New Jersey. That agency, like so many others, had persistent problems in finance, accounting, and project management, all stemming from a lack of real-time information about hours worked on client projects:

The agency selected Quickbase as the platform for building a custom solution and contracted with someone to build the app. But two months and 10 thousand dollars later, it still wasn’t done—in fact, very little progress had been made at all. The agency terminated the contract with the developer. Because Phillip had a background in building database applications with Access, he offered to take a crack at it with Quickbase.

About six weeks later, while learning Quickbase and building the app at the same time while keeping up with his other job responsibilities, he was happy to present the agency with a fully functioning Quickbase project management, time tracking, and billing application. A month-end close that used to take 45 days was reduced to 15 days. Billing, which previously took two full weeks, now could be done in a single day.

Later in the year, Phillip was about to move his family to south Florida to be closer to the kids’ grandparents. He was getting ready to search for another finance position near his new home when he received a message on LinkedIn from a company that needed help with Quickbase. They wanted to fly him to Houston to spend a week overhauling their app. That became our first client.

After a few months, Phillip got a call from someone in New York City. His company’s Quickbase developer had left and they needed someone to take over the project. That was our second client.

Over the next years, Watkyn grew steadily as more companies reached out for Quickbase help and Phillip brought on additional developers to help him with the work. Things really took off after Phillip led a popular session at the Institute of Management Accountants’ annual conference one year on the subject of no-code software development. As a result of that talk, Quickbase reached out and invited us to join their partner network of Quickbase Solution Providers (QSPs).

In the years since, the company’s reputation and roster of clients has continued to grow as we pursue our mission to deliver valuable software solutions our customers love to use every day.

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