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Custom Application Development Company | Business Software
Custom Application Development Company | Business Software

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Watkyn’s team, which includes Quickbase consultants and Quickbase developers, provides a range of Quickbase services, including app audits, expert business solutions, and personalized Quickbase training. As Quickbase partners, we can help you streamline your app, optimize performance, and implement best practices, so your business can focus on what matters most. Our Quickbase automation and Quickbase integration services help eliminate manual steps, reduce errors, and improve real-time visibility into your organization. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch support and coaching, so your IT team can feel confident in your Quickbase app and achieve your business goals. Contact our QuickBase service experts today!  

Custom Application Development Company | Business Software

Quickbase App Development

Quickbase Forms Upgrade

Quickbase users generally use forms in two ways: (1.) to enter new data into their application like customer contact information, sales records, purchase orders, or project specifications; (2.) to create documents for clients, vendors, and other end users like letters, invoices, or receipts.

To help improve your record-keeping, Quickbase recently released a new version of its Form Designer. The drag-and-drop, what-you-see-is-what-you-get builder makes creating new forms easier and more intuitive. Meanwhile, new options like creating multi-page forms and much more attention to visual design make the forms more attractive and easier to use. 

This short video compares the old and the new forms:

If your business is in the construction industry, you probably have teams completing surveys or other forms out in the field during the early stages of your projects. Quickbase recently purchased Merge Mobile and their flagship product FastField Forms to allow your team to complete that work digitally on their phone or tablet and have the form data pass seamlessly into your Quickbase project management application.

If you need to create documents for your clients, you can use Quickbase exact forms. Using templates available from Quickbase in Microsoft Word, you can incorporate field codes from your Quickbase application to create auto-populated letters, invoices, and receipts.

Quickbase Automation and Integration Pipeline

Our Quickbase services can eliminate or automate steps in your business process to help you get more done faster, with fewer mistakes. There’s another benefit to automating your complex processes: without the need to wait for people to complete some of these manual steps, you’ll gain real-time visibility into what is happening in your organization.

We can automate many processes and integrate Quickbase with your other software using Quickbase Pipelines. If Pipelines isn’t the right tool for some reason, we can use Zapier, Workato, or a similar tool. In some cases, the best approach is the most direct one: using Javascript or Python to code a script that will do exactly what we need it to do.

Quickbase Integration Examples

Here are a few examples of utilizing integration tools to create processes with an in-depth understanding of improved business efficiency.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), such as AWS S3
  • Quickbooks accounting software
  • Stripe billing platform
  • State Infectious Disease Surveillance Systems Using HL7
  • University Student Information Systems (SIS)
  • Squarespace Scheduling
  • Mailchimp (Email)
  • Real Estate Listing Services
  • StubHub and Ticketmaster
  • Google Sheets
  • Pipedrive
  • Jira

Customer and Vendor Management Portals

Quickbase apps aren’t primarily intended to be public-facing software. In most cases, companies use Quickbase to keep on top of internal processes and workflows. But very often, the inputs for those processes come from someone outside the company, or you may want people outside your organization to have some visibility into your process. Using a Quickbase consultant or outsourcing Quickbase services can be beneficial in helping you understand the pros and cons of different solutions to this challenge, including: 

  • Leveraging Quickbase EOTI Applications (apps open to everyone on the Internet).
  • Integrating Quickbase with your company, government, school, or non-profit website so that data can be submitted or retrieved directly from there.
  • Creating a standalone website or web application portal separate from your website.
  • Using another service to let people submit or retrieve information from your Quickbase application.
  • Moving to a Quickbase usage-based license model to allow people to access your Quickbase app directly (subject to the restrictions and privileges of their user role).

Many Watkyn customers find that they benefit most from creating a custom portal that can be embedded in their existing website. Most of the time, these are customer portals or vendor portals, but perhaps in your case, a student portal, applicant portal, or public portal is what you need. This short video features a couple of custom portals created by Watkyn to show you how this could work:

Quickbase Add-Ons and Extensions

There are already a variety of tried-and-tested add-ons and extensions available for Quickbase. We can help you determine if you need one of these Quickbase add-ons and, if so, which one would be best for you.

People have come to us looking for PDF generation, custom Excel template generation, shipping label printing, barcode scanning, mobile signature capture, shipping software integration, and Outlook email integration, to name a few common requests.

We also build custom Quickbase add-ons and extensions for customers who have a special need that isn’t already addressed by an existing product in the marketplace. You might even be surprised to find out that what you’re looking for can already be done natively in Quickbase.

Our Quickbase Consulting Services

Watkyn’s Quickbase consultants provide expert guidance and support to help you optimize and streamline your complex processes using the Quickbase platform. Get Quickbase support from a Quickbase partner solutions provider.

Quickbase Application Audits

A Quickbase app audit may be needed if you experience any of the following with your existing apps:

You also might want an expert opinion from our Quickbase consultants about whether the structure and functioning of your Quickbase application are up to current professional standards. We can optimize, clean up, and streamline your app, if that is truly what is needed, and give you an outside expert opinion about the quality of your Quickbase application.

Quickbase Developer Support On-Demand

If you would like guidance and support from a Quickbase developer that you can call on whenever you need it, we’re here to help. No matter your level of expertise, our friendly Quickbase consultants are on call with the answers and experience you need to get back to work with certainty.

Training Beyond Quickbase University

Watkyn offers Quickbase training for groups or individuals. While Quickbase offers excellent free training through Quickbase University, you may also want a more personal and personalized training program for Quickbase. Our Quickbase consultants can take you or your entire team through a customized training program to improve your workflow and business processes or simply provide you with helpful Quickbase tips and tricks. Below are just some of the Quickbase support services available.

Custom Application Development Company | Business Software

Unlock the Full Potential of the Quickbase Platform with Watkyn's Quickbase Developers

Are you ready to optimize your business processes, automate workflows, and enhance data integration? Watkyn’s seasoned Quickbase consulting specialists are eager to partner with you in creating custom business applications. From project management to seamless collaboration, our range of Quickbase services covers every aspect of your business needs. Gain real-time insights into your existing data, save time, and make informed decisions with our top-notch Quickbase support. It’s time to take action. Contact our QuickBase service experts now for custom application development and Quickbase solutions tailored to your unique business requirements.

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