Quickbase University Curriculum in Outline

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What Is Quickbase University?

If you’re looking for a quick outline of the topics covered in each of the Quickbase University courses—together with an estimate of the maximum time it takes to complete each one—then you’ve come to the right place

Quickbase University, in case you aren’t familiar with it, is the e-learning platform that is bundled free-of-charge with any paid or trial Quickbase subscription. Live training in-person and online is available, and the Quickbase Fundamentals course is always popular at Empower every year.

But with Quickbase University, anyone with access to the platform can take the Fundamentals course or any of the other Quickbase tutorial courses anytime, at their own pace.

As of this writing, there are five courses offered at Quickbase University: Orientation, Fundamental, Intermediate, Advanced, and Account Admin. I couldn’t find anywhere that a quick overview of the topics covered in each course could be found at a glance, so for anyone trying to learn Quickbase, I pulled all the information together myself, and here it is:

Quickbase Orientation Training

Time to complete: about 2 hours, 45 minutes

  1. What is Quickbase? (5 mins)
  2. Best Practices: Process Mapping (30 mins)
  3. Translate a Process Into Quickbase (15 mins)
  4. A Quick Review of Quickbase Core Concepts (20 mins)
  5. Presentation: Build Your First App – A Simple Contact Manager (60 mins)
  6. Hands On: Build a Quickbase App – Simple Contact Manager (60 mins)
  7. Important Resource Links (5 mins)

Quickbase Fundamental Training

Time to complete: about 4 hours, 45 minutes

  1. Introduction to Fundamental Training (5 mins)
  2. What Is Quickbase? (5 mins)
  3. Exploring an Exchange App (20 mins)
  4. Model/Diagram Your App (30 mins)
  5. Build an App (25 mins)
  6. Relationships: When to Use, How to Build (45 mins)
  7. Many-to-Many Relationships (10 mins)
  8. Creating a Snapshot of Data (5 mins)
  9. Building User Friendly Forms (45 mins)
  10. Reporting (40 mins)
  11. Application and Table Home Pages (25 mins)
  12. Roles and Permissions (30 mins)
  13. Email Notifications, Reminders and Subscriptions (15 mins)
  14. Managing Your Apps and Getting Help (15 mins)

Quickbase Intermediate Training

Time to complete: about 4 hours

  1. Introduction to Intermediate Training (10 mins)
  2. Planning Your App (10 mins)
  3. Using Relationships to Solve Complex Problems (1.25 hrs)
  4. Automation with Webhooks (15 mins)
  5. Distributed Data with Enhanced Reports (45 mins)
  6. Gaining Efficiency Through Formulas (1 hr)
  7. Maximizing Forms (10 mins)
  8. Managing Your Apps with Roles (15 mins)

Quickbase Advanced Training

Time to complete: about 4 hours, 30 minutes

  1. Advanced Use of Formulas (2.25 hrs)
  2. API Boot Camp (40 mins)
  3. Complex Workflow and Automation (1.5 hrs)

Quickbase Account Admin Training

Time to complete: about 30 minutes

  1. Account administration

I encourage everyone to take these courses as there’s a lot to learn from them. Also, I hope people will give good feedback to the Quickbase University team to make this product and the platform even better than it is today.

Besides the training offerings by Quickbase, we at Watkyn offer remote and on-site Quickbase training for individuals and teams. We’re also available as needed to explain concepts, walk users or developers through steps, or troubleshoot problems. Contact us today for more information.

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