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While off-the-shelf software applications serve thousands of organizations across various industries, many companies have seen the benefits of working with a customized application. Bespoke web application development offers organizations a way to tailor-make software that addresses the unique processes and workflow needs of their business.

Key Takeaways:

  • A bespoke software application differs from off-the-shelf solutions by presenting customized solutions for key business practices and problems.
  • Bespoke applications benefit data-driven management approaches across industries that rely on automation, data-driven initiatives, and eCommerce services.
  • The development process requires heavy consumer input and extensive testing to ensure the final product addresses the company’s objectives.

If your business processes are specialized and innovative, a bespoke software application may be the right solution for improving efficiency and productivity. When you partner with Watkyn, our team of developers can work with you to customize a software solution that optimizes your business practices and advances your business goals.

What Is Bespoke Web Application Development?

Bespoke software applications are customized programs designed to match a client’s exact requirements. These applications fill in the gaps common in commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software packages. This approach to development allows a client to modify, adapt, and adjust the software to fit the demands of the business without compromising on the security features or functionality of a COTS solution.

To get the best return on investment, you and the developers must have a clear understanding of your specific requirements for your bespoke software or application from the start of the development process. This happens when you explore the different purposes of the software and the environment where it will be used. The initial planning phases must also account for potential exposure to security threats and the broad scope of the functions users will navigate.

What Is Bespoke Web Application Development Operations?

Customized software applications are an investment of both time and resources. The development process is multi-faceted and should take into account the business’s culture, practices, existing tools, and philosophies when creating a specialized product for daily operations. This approach is referred to as DevOps or development operations.

DevOps combines information technology practices and software development to improve an organization’s ability to quickly deliver fixes, updates, and applications that closely align with the business’s objectives. This process utilizes well-designed pipelines, product value streams, and continuous feedback for high-velocity delivery.

Many companies don’t have the required level of skill and experience in their IT department to successfully and efficiently put together a bespoke application. Since it’s vital to get each element right to deliver the desired product, third-party QuickBase development provides the best value for the investment.

Features of Bespoke Web Application Development

Many features of the development process separate bespoke software from a COTS application. Often, these features are also the leading benefits of this method. One primary feature is the custom UX and UI design. With a UX design, the product provides an enjoyable and meaningful user experience, while the UI input allows for interfacing with other devices or software.

Throughout the process, the software is routinely tested and retested for efficiency and usability. As this takes place, developers maintain a strong hold on security protocol, creating more resiliency against cybersecurity threats. Customized development means the customer now owns the software and avoids paying excessive user fees or upgrade charges.

Process of Bespoke Web Application Development Operations

Like any customized product, bespoke software development follows a detailed process. This process requires extensive involvement by the client and the development team.

Flowchart depicting the bespoke web application development process

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Identify Unique Business Needs

To develop a product that meets that client’s expectations for functionality, the process starts with a thorough exploration of the application’s purposes. This looks at who will use the application, what it will do, what the anticipated results are, and what could complicate achieving the objective.

Software developers often use a clickable mockup to showcase their work and how it addresses the client’s needs. Many developers use business process modeling notation to plan the steps of the project from start to finish.

Team Collaboration

Once the project gets underway, the developers determine the involvement of the team members and the scope of their tasks. Team members use collaboration to help narrow the focus and keep the process more iterative.

Many of the more popular tools provide features such as video calls or instant messaging, giving team members the ability to contact one another through the system and in real-time. Adding screen-sharing capabilities improves decision-making, as members have simultaneous access to the same information. Additionally, the software can include the options to notate or comment on tasks and files to lend context to feedback or to offer clarification for questions.

With a bespoke web application development, your existing communication system can get an upgrade if collaboration opportunities are missing. Development teams specialize in integrating new and old processes to create the most effective final product for your team’s needs.

Business Process Model and Notation

With a BPMN approach, the developers rely on a visual depiction of both the information and business activities. It allows businesses to see and understand their internal procedures and communicate how to address these procedures through the software design elements.

This graphic notation makes it easier for businesses to understand themselves and those who have a stake in their business, such as employees and clients. It also lays the foundation for organizations to adapt to new business circumstances quickly, whether it’s internal processes or dealings with other businesses.

Implementation of System

Once the application is ready and installed, the process of implementation begins with importing all relevant data and defining the parameters for the data. Once the information is in place, it’s time to add users and determine roles. Then, training begins.

Custom Software Product Examples

Customized software addresses the particular preferences and expectations of your organization, leading to a unique product that only works for your company. Because of this personalization, the options for development are nearly endless, as the bespoke development team applies a specific focus to the needs and goals of your organization. The application development team at Watkyn supplies dozens of companies across a range of industries with applications that address warehouse operations, accounting processes, internal communication, supply chain management, and more.

Project Management

Our team devoted its energy to Pride Signs and developing software to oversee a complex project of replacing signage for McDonald’s restaurants all over Canada. Specific tasks incorporated into a project management application include tracking project costs, assigning and tracking deliverables, maintaining a schedule handle, and keeping records of clients, contacts, and labor hours.

Customer Service and Ticketing Systems

Bespoke web application development also supports a company’s relationship and rapport with customers. Customized ticketing or customer service applications can improve relationships and customer loyalty by efficiently addressing consumer concerns and building communication opportunities. Our team developed a unique customer service ticketing app for Cardinal Health, supporting faster resolutions for consumer ticketing requests. We constructed a similar app for, but this approach also supports IT resolution processes.

Facilities Management

For those who manage and maintain multiple facilities, such as buildings, campuses, or several plants or warehouses, bespoke software is the way to go. A custom application makes it easy to:

  • Track numerous sites
  • File important documents such as certificates of insurance or contracts
  • Establish and maintain scheduling, inspections, and other calendar items

The Watkyn teams built a custom app for Facilities USA to help it manage its facilities, and we can do the same for you. These are just a few of our custom applications, giving you a taste of what is possible when our team creates a unique solution for your business.

Benefits of Bespoke Web Applications

Customized software gives a company a competitive advantage in the industry, but there are other benefits as well. A bespoke development process offers your business benefits including:

  • Ownership rights over the software
  • More effective integration with external systems
  • A scalable program for future needs
  • A cost-effective, one-time expense for a software solution
  • An enhanced tool for process automation
  • Opportunities for future adjustment and additions

These provide a financial benefit to companies but also improve the delivery of services and products. This creates stronger customer loyalty.

List of benefits of custom web application development

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business With Customized Web Applications

Rather than optimizing an existing COTS solution, customizing directly addresses the objectives and needs of your business. This is a cost-effective way to improve productivity and maximize user efficiency. Consider working with Watkyn on an individualized software solution. Contact us for more information on bespoke web application development.


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